FEEDING Plymouth's Children

A Summer Healthy Lunch Program


Welcome to Got Lunch! Plymouth!

This community collaboration began providing lunches to school-age children in Plymouth beginning in the summer of 2013.  About 40% or more of the children at Plymouth Elementary School are eligible for free or reduced-cost breakfast and lunch during the school year, and that is true of high school students as well.  Unfortunately, there is not a program in place to ensure that these kids receive adequate nutrition during the summer months.  Following the lead of other communities, parents from Plymouth, in collaboration with area churches and community partners have begun this summer lunch program to meet the nutritional gap for our local kids.

We deliver supplementary food to families throughout the summer break. Each child receives supplies for a week’s lunches including whole wheat bread, sandwich fillings, a serving of a fresh fruit and vegetable for each day, and a coupon for milk or other dairy product. We know that this is the most effective way to reach the families who apply, and to get nutritious food to the children during the long summer break from school. We invite area organizations or individuals to participate with us by volunteering or donating to this critical program.

 Please contact us at the email address below to become involved.  We will be posting updates at this website and look forward to making this a true community effort on behalf of our children!

Yes, in Plymouth, we’ve GOT LUNCH!




Interested in Volunteering?

Contact Margaret, GotLunchPlymouth@gmail.com or phone (603) 536-3698